I’m Not Google

"Our campus claims to be accepting of diverse identities, but even here, I have had to explain myself in countless situations. I don’t mean that I chose to; I mean that I had to. It’s not that the people to whom I had to explain myself weren’t well-meaning, it’s more that 'well-meaning' isn’t enough."

Vlog recommendation: Stef Sanjati

by Kaitlyn Carney If you’re anything like me, you avoid all of your responsibilities until the crushing weight of your anxiety keeps you from enjoying whatever medium you’re using to procrastinate. So you compromise with yourself and try to multitask, simultaneously using the procrastination medium and pretending that you’ve got your life together, because you’re [...]

Guest Post: Response to “Trans/ending Normal”

To our community: As part of an ongoing dialogue we want to take this opportunity to respond to the Wetlands editorial “Trans/ending Normal.” This editorial has made our department’s conversations about the immense power and risk of representation on stage more acute. We hear how scary it is to be a trans individual and how much sensitivity [...]

Oooh Gurl, You Got Ignorance!: A Critique of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Guest post by Sam Mandry, University of Puget Sound, 2014 My name is Sam, and I am Co-President of UPS Queer Alliance. This Friday, April 18th, Queer Alliance (Q&A) will host its 12th Annual Drag Show in the Fieldhouse (for more information visit the Facebook event). As Q&A’s largest event of the year, the proceeds [...]

British Show “Misfits” Brings Gender Variance to Popculture

By: Phillip Brenfleck Recently, I’ve been fueling my fascination with the UK with Misfits, the E4 television series that is currently gearing up for its fourth season (or “series,” if you’re from across the pond). People describe the show in various ways, but for brevity’s sake let me lend you a hand.  Think young, British, [...]