The Implications of Sexy Halloween Costumes

by Natalie Scoggins This year, a quick online search for “sexy Halloween costume” reveals a sexy blue/black and gold/white dress, a sexy Cecil the lion, a sexy Nemo— yes, the fish from the Disney movie. Capitalizing on and sexualizing everything under the sun (or at least anything having to do with women) is nothing new, [...]

Thoughts on Sex Negativity and Addiction

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this piece are those specifically of the author and do not reflect the views of Wetlands Magazine as a whole.  CONTENT WARNINGS: mention of sexual assault, drugs, addiction This piece has been slightly edited since its initial publication. by S. E. Xnegativity I could say I'm addicted to sex-- I [...]

Pan(sexual)’s Labyrinth

by Simone Quinanola While scrolling down my Facebook feed on a casual Sunday morning, I noticed that it was officially “National Coming Out Day.”  Though it has been around for 27 years, I rolled my eyes at the fact that one’s personal sexual revelation and identity were finally bastardized enough to become a “holiday” where [...]

Tireless: Reflections on the Place of Gender Studies at the University of Puget Sound

by: Ryan Coleman I did not find a home here at Puget Sound, I found a home in the Gender Studies program. I came to this University fresh off the most difficult summer of my life. I started coming out as gay to friends and family without really understanding myself or my sexuality in a [...]

Welcome to Wetlands!

Wetlands Magazine is a new literary and arts publication with a focus on questions related to sexual exploration and gender expression at the University of Puget Sound. Educational in scope and purpose, our intention is to be a sex and body-positive, inclusive, open-minded and safe space for respectful conversations about issues of sex and gender [...]