In Response to “RDG Got the Moves Like…Who?: Cultural Appropriation and Repertory Dance Group”

Guest post by Jenny Malone-Brown I am going to cut to the chase here: as a woman of mixed-race heritage and a student at University of Puget Sound, I am confused and troubled by a recent article published online by Wetlands Magazine. Many aspects of the article were on-point in regards to Miley Cyrus “playing black” [...]

Response to “Cultural Appropriation” from the President of Repertory Dance Group

This guest blog by Jo Ann Kassebaum, President of the University of Puget Sound's Repertory Dance Group (RDG), is a response to our earlier published piece "RDG Got the Moves Like...Who?" by Erika Barker. I would like to thank Wetlands and Erika Barker, in particular, for opening up the conversation about cultural appropriation on the Puget Sound [...]

RDG Got the Moves Like…Who?: Cultural Appropriation and Repertory Dance Group

by: Erika Barker Last fall, after Miley Cyrus's Video Music Awards (VMA) performance, social media erupted into a flurry of critiques and defenses of the pop star. For me, one of the most compelling aspects of this debate (which was originally downplayed by much of the white feminist media until black feminists called attention to [...]