“To Hell With Dreams”

Finally, we see a picture about black gay love getting the recognition it deserves over the safe Hollywood drivel that wins year after year, and they don’t even get to give their speech properly.

Coming out is weird

by Rory Wong Jacobs Coming out is is a constant process, not just a single event. I came out the way most 17 year-olds with a Facebook did: a long-winded post letting people know that I was bisexual (and then pansexual, and then genderfluid, and then, just queer) and what that meant for me. 17 [...]

Pan(sexual)’s Labyrinth

by Simone Quinanola While scrolling down my Facebook feed on a casual Sunday morning, I noticed that it was officially “National Coming Out Day.”  Though it has been around for 27 years, I rolled my eyes at the fact that one’s personal sexual revelation and identity were finally bastardized enough to become a “holiday” where [...]

When Allies Fail: An Open Letter to the University Community

by: Kat Queirolo I’ve heard from a lot of different people that “Greek Life and Straight Supremacy,” the essay I published in Wetlands this fall, is too angry. I’ve heard a lot of allies say that they thought my tone was too “harsh.” You might be surprised that after I submitted the first draft of [...]

We Have Never Been Queer: The De-politicization of Queer Activism by C.J. Queirolo

It’s difficult to talk about “queer” activism these days. In the nineties, there was an upsurge of radical, militant organizations ranging from ACT-UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) to Queer Nation (ACT-UP successor group) to the Pink Panthers (Queer Nation splinter group, of “Bash Back!” infamy) that all advocated a celebration of sexual difference; rather [...]