Coming out is weird

by Rory Wong Jacobs Coming out is is a constant process, not just a single event. I came out the way most 17 year-olds with a Facebook did: a long-winded post letting people know that I was bisexual (and then pansexual, and then genderfluid, and then, just queer) and what that meant for me. 17 [...]

The Queer Market

by Maloy Moore BUY BUY BUY! NEW AND IMPROVED! RE-IMAGINED, SYSTEMATIC, HYDROMATIC, DIET, EXTA-ORDINARILY-OUT-OF-THE-USUAL-AMAZINZOGLORIFICATIONACALIDOCIOUS! If you've ever been to a supermarket, these kinds of labels should look familiar. Our culture slaps neon stickers onto products to let a consumer know what they're buying, and to advertise exactly how special and important certain products are. We're [...]

Wetlands Magazine Fall Interest Meeting

Wednesday Sept. 12th McIntyre 103 RSPV today Wetlands is kicking off this fall and answering all your questions about submissions, deadlines, content, participation, and more. We will provide some general logistic information and then open up the floor to questions as well as comments on last year's virgin volume, so that we can make this [...]

Welcome to Wetlands!

Wetlands Magazine is a new literary and arts publication with a focus on questions related to sexual exploration and gender expression at the University of Puget Sound. Educational in scope and purpose, our intention is to be a sex and body-positive, inclusive, open-minded and safe space for respectful conversations about issues of sex and gender [...]