Tireless: Reflections on the Place of Gender Studies at the University of Puget Sound

by: Ryan Coleman I did not find a home here at Puget Sound, I found a home in the Gender Studies program. I came to this University fresh off the most difficult summer of my life. I started coming out as gay to friends and family without really understanding myself or my sexuality in a [...]

Activism, Academic Language(s), and Linguistics: Deconstructing Feminist Dialect

by: Tosia Klincewicz Each of us is constantly negotiating many different contexts of experience. In my experiences as a feminist and a student at a liberal arts University, I’ve noticed a meaningful divide between various registers of feminism, namely, between what I’ve come to call “academic” (think Foucault and Butler) and “vernacular” (“f*ck the patriarchy”) [...]

Reflections on an Experience with a Male Doctor by Annie Ryan

A week ago today marked my first visit to the emergency room, a visit I reluctantly made after a day’s worth of unexplained pelvic pain. My own experience has not given me particular reason to distrust doctors. I have, however, learned to be constantly aware of the various ways the medical industry can be a [...]

Welcome back!: Reflections and Projections for Wetlands Magazine, 2013-2014 by Tosia Klincewicz

First thing's first: as the current Editor-in-Chief of Wetlands Magazine I would like to give a warm welcome back to everyone returning to the Puget Sound from the summer hiatus; glad to have y’all back! I would also like to extend an equally warm welcome to all new campus community members! We’re so excited to [...]

Wetlands Magazine Fall Interest Meeting

Wednesday Sept. 12th McIntyre 103 RSPV today Wetlands is kicking off this fall and answering all your questions about submissions, deadlines, content, participation, and more. We will provide some general logistic information and then open up the floor to questions as well as comments on last year's virgin volume, so that we can make this [...]