Submission Guidelines


Wetlands Magazine is the University of Puget Sound campus publication dedicated to the critical interrogation of gender, sexuality, ability, age, class, race, embodiment, intersectional identities and social justice as well as the celebration of related art, poetry, literature and performance. We welcome submissions from current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. All submissions are reviewed anonymously. 

Final selections on submissions for the print issue are decided in conversation between the staff and the editors. We divide submissions into the categories of prose, poetry, art and other media. Please inform us of which category you would prefer it be reviewed within.


Art: All visual art submissions must include an artist statement. Artist statements will not be published without the agreement of the artist. The artist statement should be short and include the concept of the work, its relation to Wetlands Magazine and/or broader campus discourses.

Please send images in as high resolution a file as possible. There are no dimension requirements or restrictions for visual art, but if the particular dimensions of a submission are impossible to place into layout, the Design Editor may contact the artist to find a resolution.

Required for all nude or partially nude photography:

Wetlands Nude Model Release Form

Poetry: We encourage that poetry be submitted as a PDF if nonstandard formatting is important to the poem. This sort of formatting is often difficult to preserve during the editing process if we are working out of an original word document.

Prose: Submissions above 2000 words will be asked to have their word count reduced. Submissions above 2500 words will be considered for publication on the magazine website, but only excerpts would be published in the print magazine, with the cooperation of the author.

Erotic Fiction: In accordance with University of Puget Sound policy, we will not accept degrading or hegemonic representations of fictional non-consent or sexual violence.

Other Media: Submissions that don’t fit into either one of the previous three categories, which equally well fit in any category, or which reject the concept of categories altogether will still be considered for publication. There is no section editor for these submissions and they will rather be assigned an appropriate editor on an ad hoc basis.

Please email with any questions.