Five Things For White People To Keep In Mind

by Melody Yourd In light of the recent events in Ferguson, (learn more about that here and here) and the growing awareness of police violence against people of color, there have been a lot of racially-charged discussions cropping up lately. These issues are extremely important to talk about, and I think it’s important for white people, like myself, [...]

On Awareness

by Nicole Cahlander In the wake of Asexual Awareness Week, which was October 26th — November 1st, I want to share my personal experience with asexuality and how awareness, or lack thereof, has impacted me greatly. When learning about asexuality, it is important to first establish that one’s sexual orientation is not the same as their [...]

Thoughts from the 2014 Race and Pedagogy National Conference: Recalling Winona LaDuke

by Lizzi Hahn There was a certain grace to Winona LaDuke’s speech that made me feel like she was explaining the first religion that I had ever wanted to buy into. It took me days after the conclusion of the Race and Pedagogy 2014 National Conference to realize what differentiated her ideas from those of [...]

Fighting Back

by Olivia Keene Trigger Warning: Sexual violence and assault. I remember sitting on the airplane—my heart racing, my eyes searching, his hand on my leg. I remember being shocked, then scared, then repulsed, then angry. Who did this man think he was? How dare he act so casual and entitled in feeling up my thigh! [...]

“Soup Cans”: Thoughts on Labels and Identity

by Elaine Stamp I recently found out that I’m going to become an aunt. I was sitting in the front room of the library, cobbling together paragraphs for a paper, when my brother sent me a photo of crocheted baby shoes. As I realized what they meant, I started weeping. In the library. And it [...]


by Daniel/Alice Aaron Hudson Trigger Warning: R*pe, sexual assault, domestic violence, victim blaming. Toxic Masculinity: An umbrella term for toxic doctrines of aggressiveness and nonnegotiable “masculinity” perpetuated by authority figures to young biosex males.  Violations of such doctrines are met with the same violence and repression upon which the doctrines are founded. Biosex males are [...]

“Twinkie” Life Unwrapped

by Simone Quinanola “You’re a Twinkie; yellow on the outside, white on the inside.” As an Asian growing up in a centralized Western culture, this phrase has been used to mockingly ostracize me for my “whitewashed” practices on multiple occasions.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, "whitewashing" is when someone adopts or identifies with more Western [...]

Flaws In The Conduct System: Mishandling Sexual Assault

by Shanna Williams The Trail headlined an article this week titled “University addresses sexual assault.” The article mentions Green Dot bystander training, a vague overview of what happens when a sexual assault case is reported, and the various dialogues that were held earlier this semester. Unfortunately, the university has yet to address the many and [...]

Frozen’s Flaky Feminism: Re-examining Anna and Elsa as Feminist Figureheads

by: Kieran O'Neil When I finally sat down to watch Disney’s Frozen with my friends, I was probably a little too excited. I was already in love with Olaf from seeing multiple trailers (here’s looking at you, “little baby unicorn” clip) and had already (admittedly) listened to “Let It Go”enough times to have the song [...]

“I’m queer and I’m Greek . . . and I love it”: A Personal Response by Kyle Long

Editorial note: Here is the long-awaited response to the two pieces in our Fall '13 issue which offered a critical perspective on Greek Life. The Editors of Wetlands would like to thank Kyle Long for writing this piece and to everyone who has participated in these conversations since the publication of our last issue. So, [...]