I’m Not Google

"Our campus claims to be accepting of diverse identities, but even here, I have had to explain myself in countless situations. I don’t mean that I chose to; I mean that I had to. It’s not that the people to whom I had to explain myself weren’t well-meaning, it’s more that 'well-meaning' isn’t enough."

Book Review: Carry On

Carry On is a love story, a ghost story, a family story, and a story of history. All together to be one pretty damn fantastic novel. And if you’re looking for an intro to queer YA fiction, you’ve found it.

Not Just a Preference: Racism in Sex and Romance

I don’t care that you’re not into me, white boy number 3. What I care about is the racist practice and the racist structure that you uphold when you don’t like me for the color of my skin, and for the traits that are exclusively the purview of people like me.

The Tacoma Comedy Scene: Who Gets Heard?

Identity politics structure the world of comedy, and therefore form the environment and climate of the Tacoma Comedy Club.

Vlog recommendation: Stef Sanjati

by Kaitlyn Carney If you’re anything like me, you avoid all of your responsibilities until the crushing weight of your anxiety keeps you from enjoying whatever medium you’re using to procrastinate. So you compromise with yourself and try to multitask, simultaneously using the procrastination medium and pretending that you’ve got your life together, because you’re [...]

To queef or not to queef?

by Amanda Woolsey Entering “queef” into Urban Dictionary, known ubiquitously as the only reliable search engine to accurately translate the youth’s vernacular, unveils the definition ​“​an expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart. (​rumor has it that Thea can queef the alphabet.)”​ ​(On an anecdote, embarking on this adventure of queef­dom [...]

Coming out is weird

by Rory Wong Jacobs Coming out is is a constant process, not just a single event. I came out the way most 17 year-olds with a Facebook did: a long-winded post letting people know that I was bisexual (and then pansexual, and then genderfluid, and then, just queer) and what that meant for me. 17 [...]

The Importance of an Informed Supportive Community: Why the Green Dot Bystander training is so Crucial

by B. A. Bystander The Green Dot program is not exclusive to Puget Sound; it’s implemented at college campuses not only all across the country, but all over the entire world. A map on livethegreendot.com shows all of the college campuses that have certified Green Dot instructors, as well as lists them out by name. [...]

The Queer Market

by Maloy Moore BUY BUY BUY! NEW AND IMPROVED! RE-IMAGINED, SYSTEMATIC, HYDROMATIC, DIET, EXTA-ORDINARILY-OUT-OF-THE-USUAL-AMAZINZOGLORIFICATIONACALIDOCIOUS! If you've ever been to a supermarket, these kinds of labels should look familiar. Our culture slaps neon stickers onto products to let a consumer know what they're buying, and to advertise exactly how special and important certain products are. We're [...]

The Implications of Sexy Halloween Costumes

by Natalie Scoggins This year, a quick online search for “sexy Halloween costume” reveals a sexy blue/black and gold/white dress, a sexy Cecil the lion, a sexy Nemo— yes, the fish from the Disney movie. Capitalizing on and sexualizing everything under the sun (or at least anything having to do with women) is nothing new, [...]