By Danny Perkins Artist Note: Because of my struggles dating as a queer and trans person, and lack of relationships due to my difficulty navigating the queer dating scene as someone without a lot of experience,​ I've mostly kept to myself in these past years. I'm a part of the vibrant LGBTQ+ community on campus, and [...]

How can I save you when I can’t save myself?

CW: Eating Disorders By Emma Brant I see you calculating restricting controlling your body three times a day. I see me crying confused wishing that I was normal. I see how you hide pretend fake your wellbeing for others. I see how I glorified romanticized embodied the disease that devoured my body. I see you [...]

To Oriana — My Aaliyah

A Poem by Tomicia Blunt   I think about you a lot more here it doesn’t hurt as much to say your name to remember   I have a lot of your pictures on the wall they seem like broken memories   I didn’t understand the importance of the picture             it’s ability to capture [...]