ASUPS Inducts Wetlands Magazine as an Official Campus Medium

by Jeremy Salvucci


It’s official! On Thursday the 12th of March, the ASUPS senate voted to induct Wetlands Magazine as an official campus medium, landing it a spot alongside such publications as The Trail, campus’s weekly newspaper, Crosscurrents, Puget Sound’s resident literary magazine, and Elements, the student body’s scientific periodical, as a member of the university’s media board. This long-awaited decision was the fruit a longstanding effort by Wetlands staff and executives, as well as a tremendous amount of pressure and support from the student body, who have come to think of Wetlands as an integral part of our university’s creative identity.

During the week prior to the ASUPS senate meeting during which the decision was made to designate Wetlands as a media department, a petition circulated campus, gathering a total of 296 student and faculty signatures (more than 10 percent of the student body), demonstrating to ASUPS the importance of an official medium that provides a critical interrogation of gender, sexuality, ability, age, class, race, embodiment, intersectional identities and social justice as well as a celebration of related art, poetry, literature and performance. The meeting was also preceded by a series of individual liaisons by Wetlands Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Conrad with a number of ASUPS senators to raise awareness about Wetlands’ content and purpose and advocate for the magazine. Additionally, Wetlands executives Blake Hessel and C.J. Queirolo spoke in front of a packed board room on behalf of Wetlands during the meeting, answering questions raised by members of the senate about the publication’s current operation as well as what changes and improvements would be made were it to become a media department.

As an ASUPS media department, Wetlands will see several positive changes in the weeks, months, and semesters to come. An increased budget will allow the magazine to begin to pay its executives, and will provide more opportunity for collaboration with other campus organizations. Additionally, the shift from club/class to official medium will award Wetlands a position on the ASUPS media board, endowing it with influence equal to the other aforementioned publications in media matters. This is very exciting news for us here at Wetlands, and we can’t wait to see how the magazine and associated community will expand and evolve as an ASUPS medium.

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