Make UPS Safe Again

Phi Delta Theta has produced a new series of apparel for its members. One t-shirt design in particular includes the phrase, “Make UPS Great Again”, a reference to the Donald Trump presidential campaign slogan. Upon hearing of this t-shirt design I was initially stunned and confused.

This is About You

I have come to notice how invisible trans women are in our on-campus LGBT+ community. These spaces are assumed to be for trans women. Members claim to be proponents of trans women issues, and I’d like to believe them. However, I do not see tangible evidence of this.

I’m Not Google

“Our campus claims to be accepting of diverse identities, but even here, I have had to explain myself in countless situations. I don’t mean that I chose to; I mean that I had to. It’s not that the people to whom I had to explain myself weren’t well-meaning, it’s more that ‘well-meaning’ isn’t enough.”

Book Review: Carry On

Carry On is a love story, a ghost story, a family story, and a story of history. All together to be one pretty damn fantastic novel.
And if you’re looking for an intro to queer YA fiction, you’ve found it.

Poppies: A Biomythography***

CW: sexual assault   I freeze. I don’t breathe. Teeth clenched and with a prickle behind my eyes I begin to rock in my chair. It’s not a big deal. I am breathing again, but too fast. He was going to find someone eventually, but her—. I bite back my tears and wait for the…

Not Just a Preference: Racism in Sex and Romance

I don’t care that you’re not into me, white boy number 3. What I care about is the racist practice and the racist structure that you uphold when you don’t like me for the color of my skin, and for the traits that are exclusively the purview of people like me.

Vlog recommendation: Stef Sanjati

by Kaitlyn Carney If you’re anything like me, you avoid all of your responsibilities until the crushing weight of your anxiety keeps you from enjoying whatever medium you’re using to procrastinate. So you compromise with yourself and try to multitask, simultaneously using the procrastination medium and pretending that you’ve got your life together, because you’re…

To queef or not to queef?

by Amanda Woolsey Entering “queef” into Urban Dictionary, known ubiquitously as the only reliable search engine to accurately translate the youth’s vernacular, unveils the definition ​“​an expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart. (​rumor has it that Thea can queef the alphabet.)”​ ​(On an anecdote, embarking on this adventure of queef­dom…

Coming out is weird

by Rory Wong Jacobs Coming out is is a constant process, not just a single event. I came out the way most 17 year-olds with a Facebook did: a long-winded post letting people know that I was bisexual (and then pansexual, and then genderfluid, and then, just queer) and what that meant for me. 17…

Letter to the Editor of The Trail 4 March 2016

The mission of Wetlands Magazine is to provide a platform for marginalized voices on our campus, particularly highlighting those experiences informed through gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability. Due to the homogeneity of our student body, we find that these voices are largely excluded and silenced. This is equally as true in our classrooms as…