By Danny Perkins Artist Note: Because of my struggles dating as a queer and trans person, and lack of relationships due to my difficulty navigating the queer dating scene as someone without a lot of experience,​ I've mostly kept to myself in these past years. I'm a part of the vibrant LGBTQ+ community on campus, and [...]

How can I save you when I can’t save myself?

CW: Eating Disorders By Emma Brant I see you calculating restricting controlling your body three times a day. I see me crying confused wishing that I was normal. I see how you hide pretend fake your wellbeing for others. I see how I glorified romanticized embodied the disease that devoured my body. I see you [...]

I’m Sick of White Kids Telling Me What’s What.

Written by Jae Bates Content warning: mention of child sexual-abuse Over the weekend, the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound (ASUPS) Cultural Competency Programmer brought Alok Vaid-Menon to campus to perform Femme in Public. Alok is a “gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, educator, and entertainer” according to their site biography and a described as [...]

To Oriana — My Aaliyah

A Poem by Tomicia Blunt   I think about you a lot more here it doesn’t hurt as much to say your name to remember   I have a lot of your pictures on the wall they seem like broken memories   I didn’t understand the importance of the picture             it’s ability to capture [...]

Meeting Momaday

By Haley Newman ​N. Scott Momaday introduces himself. ​“I’m Scott Momaday,” he says, waving from his wheelchair. Born in 1934 at the Kiowa and Comanche Indian Hospital in Lawton, Ohio, Momaday grew up primarily in Arizona and New Mexico. The rich bass tenor of his voice is somewhat unexpected. We are at the president’s residence, [...]

Too Tired to Protest

It’s hard not to feel like I’m being a bad activist because I don’t share a lot on social media, am not attending a lot of public protests, and am not being as visible as I could be. But I’m tired.

“To Hell With Dreams”

Finally, we see a picture about black gay love getting the recognition it deserves over the safe Hollywood drivel that wins year after year, and they don’t even get to give their speech properly.

Understanding Whiteness

While my title is “Understanding Whiteness,” I want to make it clear that I want to talk about the need for white people to understand whiteness. From what I read, POCs generally already do; and in any case, I would argue that it’s not their job to understand whiteness. It’s ours.

Re: Open Letter to the Puget Sound Community

This Tuesday (Dec. 6th), an email was sent to the campus community containing an open letter signed by some members of faculty. The letter addressed the anonymous flyers that were put up around campus and promptly removed few weeks ago. This post was written in response to that letter.

Subconscious Communications of Queer Identity: From Schubert to Anohni and Modern Day Pop Music

Any kind of music can communicate environmental, behavioral, and aesthetic forces, and this can heal someone significantly through spiritual, subconscious communication, no matter what “level of artistry” the music is at.